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Advanced Courses, PADI Imaging Specialties

Surface Photography & Archaeology

Surface photography and video from many locations, and surface archaeology.

Underwater Photography and Archaeology

Underwater photography and video from many locations.
UK Diving: Falmouth 2013 UK Diving: Pembrokeshire 2013 UK Diving: The Shetlands 2013
Subscape Index Turkish Coastguard Boat, Bodrum Seahorse Club Diving in 2013
Red Sea : Marsa Alam

Red Sea: Mixed Images

Red Sea: Hurghada
UK Diving: Stoney Cove General

Aegean Sea

UK Diving: Various Locations
UK Diving: The Wessex in Stoney Cove

UK Diving: The Nautilus in Stoney Cove

UK Diving: The Stanegarth in Stoney Cove
UK Diving: Vobster Quay
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